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About Us

Indian Commercial Company Ltd (ICC) has a history that traces back to over a 100 years ago. Founded by Kilachand Devchand, ICC was initially part of the Kilachand group of companies that were engaged in trading activities, specifically of cotton. Over the years, the company expanded into manufacturing of raw materials such as polystyrene.

From plastics, ICC further expanded into trading and distributing chemicals and worked with some of the prominent companies such as Dow Chemicals, Firestone and Buyer and partnered with principles from USA, Philippines, Japan and Belgium.

Today, Indian Commercial Company Ltd., focuses on specialty chemicals, and partners with leading manufacturers like Nikko Chemicals, Japan, and American Gilsonite Company, USA and new principle from Germany, Spain,Italy & Korea to offer a range of products that can be applied for industrial, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical related uses. These organizations are well-equipped with the latest facilities required for processing high-grade specialty chemicals.

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